Hiking Trails in Storms River


The winter months are over, and spring’s warmth  fast approaching! The cold does have a nasty habit of discouraging eager travellers to book over this season; however, we assure you that there is still so much to do and explore.

Storms River and surrounds is a wonderful destination for spring. We have listed some of our favourite Day Trails in the Tsitsikamma area for you to explore during your stay over the spring months. Treat yourself to “an inexpensive encounter with nature”.

The trails extend from the Storms River Village, Storms River Mouth and trail a little further out. Should you need any assistance in finding these magical trails, feel free to ask at reception for directions.

There are three routes you can take on this trail, each trail is colour coded with footprints for your convenience; yellow (8km), red (7.78km) and green (5.09km. The yellow trail is ideal to enjoy a picnic along the way, and swim in the Storms River at the Old Bridge Picnic site.

This is a short 2km walk through the indigenous forests of the area. The walk will lead you past some Hard Pear trees and Tree ferns that grow in a stream.

This beautiful walk starts and ends at the Tsitsikamma Big Tree. This route is also colour coded for the different trail lengths for your convenience: red (4.2km), yellow (2.6km) and green (1km). This trail does require a small entrance fee before entering.

The Mouth Trail
This 2km trail starts at Sandy Bay and leads you along a long and winding board walk through the indigenous forest, all the way to the famous suspension bridge and the Storms River Mouth Cave. For the brave and energetic, the trail continues after the bridge and leads up to the lookout point on the plateau. This is a steep climb.

The Lourie Trail
This is a must for people who have never experienced the splendour of the indigenous forest. The Lourie trail, 1km in distance, emerges onto plateau at the Agulhas lookout point, after a brief uphill climb. The trail then passes through a short section of fynbos, before continuing through the spectacular coastal forest.
Blue Duiker Trail
Slightly longer than the Lourie trail, this 3.7km stretch will take you into the heart of the forest. Here you will discover the true forest giants, of which the Outeniqua Yellowwood is surely the most imposing. The trail ends at the beginning of the famous Otter Trail.

Waterfall Trail
The Waterfall Trail comprises the first 3km of the world-renowned Otter Trail. At the end of the 3km stretch along the rugged coastline, the spectacular waterfall, plunging into a deep pool, before flowing into the sea, will enchant you. We suggest that you take along your bathing costume and a picnic meal. This trail will take you approximately 1 ½ hours to walk to the waterfall and 1 ½ hours back. This trail is fairly strenuous and caution must be taken at high tides.

 September 12, 2019
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