Tsitsikamma Woodcutters Journey

Explore 100 different tree species including the beautiful “Giants” of the forest – the Outeniqua yellowwoods. Lose yourself in the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy above and breathe deeply!

Perfect for the whole family – no strenuous walking, just beautiful scenery and fantastic knowledge.

Duration: 2½ to 3 hours.

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure
Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure

Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure

Enjoy the beautiful Tsitsikamma scenery with an exciting zipline adventure!

  • Refreshments halfway on the decks overlooking the waterfalls.
  • Guides, Equipment & Refreshments are all included.
  • 1-2 hours of pure adrenaline. (depending on group size).
Tsitsikamma Kayak and Lilo

Kayak under the suspension bridge and up the glorious Storms River Gorge. End off exploring deeper into the gorge with unique designed lilo’s as you marvel at the wonders of nature from a new perspective, challenge your fear of heights by taking a leap from the cliffs into the deep pools or just enjoy relaxing beauty of the pristine nature! For the whole family!


Duration: 2-3 hours        
Aqua Booties to Hire (optional)
Wetsuits to Hire (optional and not necessary during the summer months)


Tsitsikamma Segway Tours
Tsitsikamma Segway Tours

Tsitsikamma Segway

Segway through Stormsriver Village and into the local indigenous forest with a majestic 800 year old Yellowwood Big Tree. One will experience the breathtaking beauty of our forest up close and on the comfort of your Segway. Contact Tsitsikamma Segway Tours or refer to our Awesome Foursome Package.



Duration: 1-hour Segway tour
(Forming part of the 1 hour tour, is a 15-20 minute training session on their training course.)

Bungy Jump at Bloukrans Bridge

The world’s highest Bungy Jump from the legendary Bloukrans Bridge. Access to the jump point is via a specially engineered walkway. All jumpers is required to wear shoes to walk across the walkway.All clients are requested to arrive on site one hour prior to the booked jump time.


Minimum age for jumpers: 14 years

Height: 216m
Open Daily 09h00 to 17h00

The Tsitsikamma Big Tree

Big Tree

The well sign-posted “Big Tree” is located 1 km east of the Storms River. A 500 metre pathway through indigenous bush leads to this yellow wood giant. The Big Tree in Tsitsikamma is estimated to be almost 1 000 years old, it stands 36.6 metres high and has a circumference of almost 9 metres.


Paul Sauer Bridge

Paul Sauer Bridge

The Paul Sauer Bridge, 4 kms east of the Storms River Village, spans the impressive Storms River Gorge. A pedestrian walkway has been constructed to enable pedestrians to enjoy the views of the gorge and to marvel at its concrete construction. Constructed between 1954 and 1960, this bridge is a marvel of architectural and engineering challenges, and was designed by an Italian professor, Riccardo Morandi.

Tsitsikamma Hiking Trails

Hiking in indigenous forest

Tsitsikamma is where you will find some of the most pristine forest areas and forest trails in the whole of the Garden Route, equalled only by the forests in the Knysna area.

Most of the indigenous forests in the western section of the Garden Route fall within the Tsitsikamma National Park. Commercial plantations in the area are also regulated as to not impact on water catchment areas and wildlife. The Park not only conserves indigenous flora and fauna but also marine life as it incorporates a marine belt stretching 5.5km into the ocean.

Tree Top Canopy Tour

The original canopy tour – A first in Africa.  Enjoy the unequalled beauty of the forest high up on ten treetop platforms.  The platforms provide an unbelievable view of this enchanting New World. About three hours later you exit the forest, having undertaken the journey of a lifetime. Bookings are essential and subject to availability. All ages between 5 years and 70 years are allowed.


Duration: 2½ - 3 hours

Tsitsikamma Blackwater Tubing

Tsitsikamma Blackwater Tubing description:  A unique gorge adventure of tubing, swimming, rock jumping and hiking through one of the most spectacular features of the Garden Route…..the Storms River Gorge. This ultimate aqua adventure takes place inside the Tsitsikamma National Park, known for its steep fern-clad walls, pristine beauty, forested river banks, awesome sea views, rare birds and other wildlife.

Participants need to be over 12  years old.

Tsitsikamma Hiking Trails

Tsitsikamma Hiking Trails

Explore the beautiful indigenous forests in Storms River on one of the many hiking trails in the area. The trails extend from the Storms River Village, Storms River Mouth and trail a little further out, and vary in distances and terrain for every kind of explorer. Trails extend out to the Storms River Mouth, Sandy Bay, and some include a part of the famous Otter Trail. 


Additional activities in the Tsitsikamma includes The Bitou Art Gallery, the Storms River Centre Arts and Crafts, the Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary, Birdwatching in the Tsitsikamma and Mountain Biking. To read more about these activities, click on the read more button below. 

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