TripAdvisor's Top 10 Restaurants in Storms River


Planning your trip to the Tsitsikamma - you have packed in your hiking shoes, your walking shoes and your running shoes for the best adventure of your life OR  you are ready to kick off your working shoes and put on your comfy, relaxed flipflops for some quality time with your family and friends.

Whichever get-away you are planning, be assured that you can have a taste of the flavours of the world right here in Storms River! There is enough to choose from for the adventurous and the peaceful.

You can choose from Italian Delicatessen, have true South African grainfed beef, experience an American 1960’s Diner, experience an “Old World” al-fresco dining and experience cuisine right from a mother’s kitchen.

With that being said, we have compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants in the Storms River Area to give you an overview of the culinary that can be expected when visiting this area.


  1. Tsitrus Café – Try out their Italian Pizza Cafe Delicatessen, prepared in a wood fired oven, with a fantastic cup of coffee whilst your kids play in the playground. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed outdoor seating area or inside the beautiful authentically decorated area.

  2. Tsitsikamma Cattle Baron – they are situated in the Tsitsikamma National Park "Storms River Mouth" taking pride in their strong family tradition with traditional booth seating and a comprehensive menu selection. They offer perfectly aged grainfed beef that is consistently juicy, tender and full of flavour. This is a great venue to relax and unwind.

  3. Marilyn's 60's Diner (On Site) - Proudly sporting the all American Burger and cold milkshakes, the diner invites you to a throwback of a dining experience altogether. Enjoy jukebox classics and take snaps of the stunning classic cars and bike collection, celebrating the sensational ‘60s era of none other than Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Come Shake, Rattle and Roll at the retro Marilyn's 60s Diner!

  4. The Bistro at Bitou – If you are looking for a cosy and arty atmosphere, this is the restaurant to pay a visit. For the colder days, log fires will warm you up whilst enjoying a good cup of coffee and for the warmer days there is a big lawn with seating where you can sip on something cold from the menu. They are situated in the tourist information centre offering a gift shop, an art shop and bistro in one location.

  5. Tsitsikamma Micro Brewery (On Site) - The latest addition to the Tsitsikamma Village Inn is our micro-brewery, brewing up uniquely local brews available on tap. Our one of kind brewery tap room can be found between our Hotel and Marilyn’s 60’s Diner.  The beer is brewed according to the 1487 German Reinheitsgebot and the ingredients are carefully selected and the water is from our very own well – giving you that original Tsitsikamma brewery taste.

  6. Tsitsikamma Restaurant – this is a beautiful setting with amazing Seafood Grills. They offer amazing views and good portions. You can also access a small beach and the suspension bridges from here.

  7. De Oude Martha (On Site) - Surrounded by a wide verandah, looking out onto the Village square, the décor is a blend of today and yesterday. We use fresh, often organic and local ingredients with fresh herbs from our garden mixed with a detail of love to create traditional meals. Cosy in winter and cool in summer, De Oude Martha has good food and friendly staff all year around. The doors always open, stop by and experience the heart of this historic restaurant.

  8. Cafe Bacchus (On Site) - This al-fresco dining area is set in a beautiful courtyard looking onto the fountain in the middle, complimented by an enchanting statue of the delightful Bacchus himself. Indulge in one of our freshly baked cakes and a spot of tea overlooking the swimming pool and play area across from Cafe Bacchus. The menu consists of a selection of snacks, main meals and teatime treats. Stop in anytime for an old-world experience.

  9. Rafters – This restaurant create true, South African dishes prepared by their chefs who are all local and learned to cook in their mother’s kitchen. Log fires in the winter, good music, great service and true South African food prepared with love. This is what you can expect from a visit to Rafters.

  10. Andelomi Forest Lodge - Visitors can look forward to a wonderful selection of local, pub and gourmet meals cooked to perfection by their chef, Mike. The restaurant is run by Mike and he is an experienced and passionate chef who takes pride in preparing tasty dishes.

Don’t go hungry on your get-away and pay these restaurants a visit.

 March 28, 2017
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