Walking in the indigenous forest...

BY Tsitsikamma Village Inn

Oh what joy!

After too long inside – in a stuffy office, in cars, in traffic, in shopping malls, even in our own home – oh what joy to walk in a magical indigenous forest!

Invigorating green all around, the soft rich earth underfoot, the canopy overhead filtering dappled sunlight, and fresh clean air to fill our hungry lungs…

If you look carefully, all the treasures of this enchanted world reveal themselves; tightly furled fern fronds opening up; jewel bright fungi on fallen trees; the signs that a bush pig was rooting last night – and, if you’re oh so lucky, the paw prints of a leopard who crossed the path in the dark. At night fireflies flit among the trees and shy bushbuck and civet cats come out.

Here we’re forgiven for hugging the mighty trees with their beautiful tactile bark! Outeniqua yellowwood, ironwood, assegai and stinkwood, as well as planty of other species to look up in your tree guide.

Today we spotted two louries and a grey cuckooshrike. We’re always on the lookout for the beautiful Narina trogons that live here, but they’re more elusive.

We’re so privileged to live in a stretch of the Tsitsikamma right on the edge of dramatic scenic coastline. Walking and mountain biking here – or sharing a picnic lunch (you can order one through our reception) – refreshes all our senses and restores balance in our busy lives.

Come and join us! It’s always difficult to leave this place, but we’ll be here when you long to return…

 November 18, 2020
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