Why you should have a beer TODAY!

BY Tsitsikamma Microbrewery

A beer a day might actually keep the doctor away! We have compiled a list of health-orientated reasons you should be enjoying an ice old beer daily, here’s why:

  • Beer has anticancer properties
  • It reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • It aids in the prevention of dementia
  • It is also an aid to the digestive system
  • Beer consists of anti-aging properties
  • Beer is used in the treatment of diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones, osteoporosis, and hypertension.
  • It acts as a serious stress buster
  • Beer contributes towards the prevention of Anemia
  • It cleanses the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • Beer consists of more protein and Vitamin B content than wine
  • Hops, usually found in brewing beer, are potent with antioxidants
  • Beer increases ones creativity (who knew?)
  • Increases recovery time after a workout
  • It can give you an instant confidence boost
  • It aids in lowering your blood pressure
  • boost your immune system and fight infections
  • A couple beers a day could actually strengthen your bones, as it increases bone density
  • Good ol’ beer even helps with the prevention of coronary disease

Never fear when a beer is near!
If you’re staying at the Tsitsikamma Village Inn, look no further for the perfect place to enjoy a healthy beer! Pop in and enjoy a tasting set of some of our finest original crafts.

 April 18, 2017
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