Additional Activities in the Tsitsikamma

Bitou Art Gallery:
This gallery has an extraordinary display of art created by local artist. There are watercolor, ink, ceramics, acrylics, oils ad photography art. The gallery is a fully-fledged independent studio and some of the marvelous pieces was sold to local and international art collectors. There are also art courses available where you can learn more about the art of watercolor over the course of 3 days.
Storms River Centre Arts & Crafts:
South Africa is home to a wealth of local talent, which is sometimes forgotten in exploring the “bigger, better” tourist attractions.
Managed by the friendly and enthusiastic Kako, hailing from Malawi, this shop offers a variety of African arts, crafts and keepsakes. The array of beaded, metal, wood and African hide goods make for very special gifts and mementoes.
They include gimmicky items, ornaments, jewellery and accessories for the home. There is also plenty of African art, which is affordable and unique. Kako is endearing, ever willing to give out advice on what to see and do in the area.
Tsitsikamma Wolf Sanctuary:
The Wolf Sanctuary is home to 80 beautiful wolfs who was previously pets and have no wild life experience. These animals are definitely a must see as they all stay together no matter their age or if they are sick or injured. That I why the sanctuary attracts much attention from healers, therapists and many more. The wolves are in large enclosures similar to their natural habitat and guided tours both day and night are available.
Birdwatching in Tsitsikamma:
Tsitsikamma, situated along the exquisite Garden Route, is a haven for birdlife.
Some of the most common species to be found in this area include:
• The Yellowbilled Kite – a large bird of prey with a forked tail, this bird is known for its midflight acrobatic twists and turns. It is often seen close to human communities.
• The Marico Sunbird – males have a black belly and a magnificently iridescent purple band, with a green-blue head and back. Females are dull khaki brown with light-coloured streaks on their undersides.
• The Rameron Pigeon – this is the largest dove in the region and is characterised by its yellow bill and the bare skin around their eyes and on their legs. It favours evergreen forests.
• The Knysna Loerie – known for its spectacular colours, this bird is bright green with beautiful “eye make-up”. It has a long tail and a prominent crest. When it flies, the bright red on the underside of its wings flashes impressively.
• The Barn Owl – the characteristic heart shape of this owl’s face makes it particularly rewarding to spot. It is most active in the early morning and evening, and can often be found in areas frequented by humans.
Mountain Biking in Tsitsikamma:
The Storms River Village Mountain Biking Route is 22km long and follows the old national road through the Storms River Pass, which was by-passed in 1955 with the building of the Pail Sauer Bridge on the N2.
The 5km descent to the river passes through indigenous forest and offers some wonderful views of the gorge.
At the Old Storms River Bridge you can swim. After crossing the river the route climbs out of the valley, to the coastal plateau, for a relatively flat section to the viewpoint which overlooks the Storms River Mouth.
The return route circles back to the Storms River Pass and on into the Village.

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