8 Child – Friendly adventures in the Tsitsikamma


If you are a family of fun-loving adrenaline junkies and would love to come to the Tsitsikamma on holiday, but unsure of what’s available for families with children, we have listed 10 activities that any child would love and that is suitable for the whole family:

  1. Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours - A first in Africa. Enjoy the unequalled beauty of the forest high up on ten treetop platforms.  The platforms provide an unbelievable view of this enchanting New World. All ages between 7 years and 70 years are allowed.
  1. Storms River Suspension Bridge – It is a fairly easy route with magnificent views of the Tsitsikamma forest and the churning waters of the river entering the Indian Ocean. There are enough places to sit and rest and lookout points whilst spotting the birds keeping you company on the way.
  1. Untouched Adventures – Experience snorkelling, guided Scuba Dives, Kayak and Lilo.
  1. Segway Tours – Segway through Stormsriver Village and into the local indigenous forest with a majestic 800 year old Yellowwood Big Tree. One will experience the breathtaking beauty of our forest up close and on the comfort of your Segway. Contact Tsitsikamma Segway Tours or refer to our Awesome Foursome Package.
  1. Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure – Experience Waterfall Zipline Tours, Gravity Zone Abseiling and Quade Bike Tours.
  1. Hiking the forest to the Big Tree - Tsitsikamma is where you will find some of the most pristine forest areas and forest trails in the whole of the Garden Route, equalled only by the forests in the Knysna area. Most of the indigenous forests in the western section of the Garden Route fall within the Tsitsikamma National Park.
  1. Woodcutters Journey - Explore 100 different tree species including the beautiful “Giants” of the forest – the Outeniqua yellowwoods. Lose yourself in the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy above and breathe deeply! Perfect for the whole family – no strenuous walking, just beautiful scenery, fantastic knowledge and good food.
  1. Tsitsikamma Adventure Land – Experience the beautiful views of the pine forest, open green pastures, the Tsitsikamma mountains, the Tsitsikamma Coast line and the Tsitsikamma National Park on Quad bikes.

These activities will ensure a memorable getaway for the whole family. Tsitsikamma Village Inn is conveniently located as a base to all these activities as we are closely located to all. Our Awesome Foursome package also include 2 of these activities, with a Burger from our Marilyn’s 60’s Diner and buffet breakfast when you stay 2 nights (per person) with us.
Book our Awesome Foursome here.

 August 29, 2017
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